Thursday Night Fleet Racing #23 at Treasure Island Sailing CenterSeptember 8
We should have named it Ladies Night! The fine ladies of Clipper Cove (sounds like a calendar in the making...) banded together to show the fleet how to sail in the light and diminishing air. Perhaps it was the promise of BBQ and tritip that really distracted us! Coming back from a summer on the other side of the bay- the WayPoint Pizza team won the night by one point over Carissa and Mike. Coming in 3rd was the nibble team of Kara and Geoff.

Thank you to Svendsen’s for supplying the food. Unfortunately a mix in the keg left it a dry night. Time and time again, they have stepped up to support both the V15 and Laser fleets in the bay. End of the year repairs, new sails for next year, upgrade in lines, new dry top for your crew- Svendsen’s can help with all your sailing needs.

PosBoatNameTotalRace 1Race 2Race 3Race 4
1#826Melissa&Tom152(2)5(7)7(14)1 (15)
2#8Carissa&Mike166(6)7(13)1(14)2 (16)
3#163Kara&Geoff183(3)4(7)2(9)9 (18)
4#731Session&Avery214(4)2(6)10(16)5 (21)
5#641Ken&Rebecca231(1)8(9)8(17)6 (23)
6#474Nick&Alexis245(5)13(18)3(21)3 (24)
7#7Sarah&Tate3012(DNS)(16)1(17)5(22)12 (34)
8#202Madhavan&Natasha3210(10)6(16)9(25)7 (32)
9#631Chad&Wheeler338(8)3(11)12(23)10 (33)
10#537Will&Andrew3612(DNS)(16)9(25)4(29)11 (40)
11#858Jim&Laura367(7)10(17)11(28)8 (36)
12#2JB&Anthony419(9)12(21)6(27)14 (41)
13#892Doug&Mary4112(DNS)(16)12(28)13(41)4 (45)
14#6David&Veronica5011(11)11(22)15(37)13 (50)
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