Thursday Night Fleet Racing at Treasure Island Sailing CenterAugust 26
4 races were completed in warm weather and light air in the cove. Barkow/Danielson won the night with 11 points, winning the final race, while Turnbull/Flood took 2nd even after taking a penality, Graves/Zebrowski won the tie breaker for 3rd place over Richards.
Congratulations to Ken Turnbull and his wife, we wish you many years of happiness!
Also thanks to Jim Barkow for providing plenty of refreshments and snacks for a great after party at TI, we even had music!
PosBoatNameTotalRace 1Race 2Race 3Race 4
1858Jim Barkow/Emily Danielson113(3)2(5)5(10)1 (11)
2641Ken Turnbull/Paige Flood15.84(4)1(5)3(8)4 (12)
3944Will Graves/Alexis Zebrowski181(1)4(5)7(12)6 (18)
41275Kevin Richards/Jim Struble182(2)9(11)2(13)5 (18)
5929Alex Mountjoy/Catherine King258(8)6(14)9(23)2 (25)
61016Steve Washinton/Paola299(9)16(25)1(26)3 (29)
7838Tom/Rob3117(17)3(20)4(24)7 (31)
8560Rolf Kaiser/Shannon Bonds3512(12)5(17)10(27)8 (35)
955Jack/Gordon Porter3610(10)10(20)6(26)10 (36)
10906Shaw/Shaw435(5)12(17)15(32)11 (43)
111157Adam Spiegel/David Anthes456(6)15(21)11(32)13 (45)
12631Chad Gray/Stacey Delo4517(17)11(28)8(36)9 (45)
131177Joe Wells/Kerim Baran4711(11)7(18)14(32)15 (47)
14985Cindy Weitzman/Ariel Poler477(7)13(20)13(33)14 (47)
15682KT Shum/John Skinner5214(14)14(28)12(40)12 (52)
161005Michael Weinman/Mike Rutledge5313(13)8(21)16(37)16 (53)
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