Thursday Night Fleet Racing at Treasure Island Sailing CenterJune 17
Another great Thursday night of racing this week!  For those who couldn’t make it out, we had 22 boats on the line and managed to complete 6 races – 5 of which were long two lappers.  Thanks to Liz & Jim for running a great night of races.  Ken/Page and Nick/Betsy continue to bring their Thursday night speed to the races, and the rest of us have been locked in some very close racing – 3rd thru 9th places last night were separated by less than 20 points.
Please contact if you sailed 222 or 636 so I can list your name on the results, thanks!
PosBoatNameTotalRace 1Race 2Race 3Race 4Race 5Race 6
1474Nick Adamson/Betsy Cleveland301(1)1(2)4(6)1(7)1(8)22 (30)
2641Ken Turnbull/Paige Flood312(2)3(5)3(8)11(19)5(24)7 (31)
3631Chad Gray/Wheeler Simmons353(3)4(7)6(13)16(29)3(32)3 (35)
41177Joe Wells/Baran407(7)12(19)1(20)8(28)11(39)1 (40)
57Sarah Deeds/Richard Feeney4622(22)13(35)2(37)3(40)2(42)4 (46)
6731Matthew Sessions/Vikki Hunt4611(11)6(17)7(24)9(33)7(40)6 (46)
72JB Louvet/Anthony Fallu526(6)9(15)11(26)10(36)8(44)8 (52)
8929Alex Mountjoy/Catherine King555(5)16(21)10(31)12(43)10(53)2 (55)
9499Brandon Wall/Mallory5722(22)5(27)8(35)4(39)9(48)9 (57)
101203Holt Condon/Katie5922(22)2(24)5(29)2(31)6(37)22 (59)
11838Tom6222(22)8(30)18(48)5(53)4(57)5 (62)
1255Jack/Gordon Porter708(8)10(18)17(35)7(42)15(57)13 (70)
131016Steve/Heather Washington764(4)11(15)9(24)14(38)16(54)22 (76)
141157Adam Spiegel/Melina Hoyer779(9)17(26)14(40)13(53)12(65)12 (77)
15936Justin Oberbauer/Julia Cashin8922(22)14(36)15(51)15(66)13(79)10 (89)
16222Dan Brandt/Bryan Maulof9422(22)15(37)13(50)19(69)14(83)11 (94)
17899Zack Conrad/Jenny Barba10122(22)22(44)12(56)6(62)17(79)22 (101)
18636John Moffly10722(22)20(42)16(58)17(75)18(93)14 (107)
191100Steve/Rich11510(10)19(29)22(51)20(71)22(93)22 (115)
20566Jeff Condon11722(22)7(29)22(51)22(73)22(95)22 (117)
21875Bill Wright/Leah Schoelkoph12422(22)18(40)22(62)18(80)22(102)22(124)
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