Thursday Night Fleet Racing at Treasure Island Sailing CenterJuly 29
There were 5 races but only four races have scores. Please contact Rebecca Beard or Mike Rutledge if you have questions regarding the scoring of this event. You can find their email addresses in the Roster. Please email skipper and crew names, and who finished before and after you (for the race in question).
PosBoatNameTotalRace 1Race 2Race 3Race 4
1731Matthew Sessions/Vikki Hunt134(4)3(7)1(8)5 (13)
2826Purdy/Purdy/Gavin153(3)5(8)4(12)3 (15)
31275Kevin Richards/Liesl Pollock187(7)6(13)3(16)2 (18)
4858Jim Barkow/Emily Danielson232(2)4(6)6(12)11 (23)
5598Adam Lowry/Mara Holian301(1)8(9)2(11)19 (30)
6631Chad Gray/Wheeler Simmons359(9)1(10)19(29)6 (35)
7560Rolf Kaiser/Catherine King396(6)12(18)13(31)8 (39)
8838Tom/Julia405(5)7(12)19(31)9 (40)
91157Adam Spiegel/David4210(10)13(23)12(35)7 (42)
102JB Louvet/Anthony Fallu4311(11)19(30)9(39)4 (43)
11163Kara Forman/Geoff McDonald4419(19)19(38)5(43)1 (44)
12985Cindy Weitzman/Ariel Poler4912(12)11(23)7(30)19 (49)
13936Justin Oberbauer/Julia Cashin4919(19)10(29)10(39)10 (49)
14536?658(8)19(27)19(46)19 (65)
1551?6519(19)19(38)8(46)19 (65)
16835?6819(19)19(38)11(49)19 (68)
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