Red Stripe Vanguard 15 Fleet Champs at Treasure Island Sailing CenterMay 22 - 23


Treasure Island Sailing Center

May 22-23, 2004

Many thanks are in order:

RED STRIPE BEER & Matthew Sessions

SVENDSEN's BOAT WORKS and RONSTAN for the winner's spray top.

WAYPOINT PIZZA for the cushy starting line PROTECTOR boat.

ADAM SIMS for the sweet Whaler mark set boat.

RACE COMMITEE – Great job by all!

Shane Wells, Liz Wilmarth, Will Graves, Richard Matthews, Veronica Pereira, Heather Washington, Steve Washington

TISC - Nick and Carisa for arranging committee boats

BBQ - Heather Washington, Rebecca Beard (even brought their BBQ!), Jim Barkow, and Kevin Richards

Racing Recap:

Saturday morning started cold and foggy. I even had my wipers running on the way up the peninsula. The wind was already 10-15 kts at 10 am so we knew we were in for a great workout! The racing started on the traditional Clipper Cove PCC's course of two laps and a reaching finish with the wind about 15-20. Good heavy-air boat handling was required to stick with the top pack. The breeze stayed strong all day and the sun even came out. After 7 races everyone was ready to eat! Heather and Rebecca cooked up some great food and there was so much Red Stripe Beer that we couldn't drink it all! There were even opportunities to fly kites in the parking lot after eating. Sunday was more mild for sure. The racing started in about 8 – 10 kts of breeze with sunny and much warmer conditions. The fleet sailed seven more races in building breeze and fun was had by all. From the mark set boat I was amazed to see how tight the whole fleet was even at the second weather mark. There are no ba! d sailors in this fleet that's for sure! Many familiar faces at the top of the leader board and some up & comers posting some top fives as well! Heather and I really enjoyed organizing this event. The more we volunteer the more we learn how to do stuff correctly and we appreciate how much effort and energy is required. The little time spent was very rewarding seeing all the smiles on the happy sailors. Also, a day spent on a powerboat watching this fleet is a very good learning experience and highly recommended. We were glad to offer Shane a day off on Sunday and give some time back to the fleet as well. If you haven't volunteered recently, it's time to step up and offer a hand!

Now we are looking forward to the next event, The Vanguard 15 PCC's at the Semana Nautica Regatta at the Santa Barbara YC. Mark your calendars for June 26-27th! This was a great event last year and we hope everyone can make the trip. Start planning now for trailer piggy-back rides and maintenance, it's a bit of a drive.

Sail Fast,

Steve & Heather
PosBoatNameTotalRace 1Race 2Race 3Race 4Race 5Race 6Race 7Race 8Race 9Race 10Race 11Race 12Race 13Race 14
1474Nick Adamson/Betsy Cleveland232(2)1(3)1(4)3(7)1(8)1(9)23(32)1(33)1(34)1(35)1(36)9(45)8(53)2 (55)
2687Scott/Jill Sellers375(5)3(8)3(11)1(12)2(14)2(16)23(39)2(41)7(48)2(50)6(56)5(61)5(66)1 (67)
31275Kevin Richards/Liesl Pollock433(3)6(9)2(11)8(19)4(23)7(30)1(31)5(36)2(38)9(47)3(50)4(54)1(55)5 (60)
4731Sessions/Graves/Hunt441(1)15(16)4(20)4(24)3(27)3(30)4(34)23(57)3(60)3(63)2(65)10(75)3(78)4 (82)
5858Jim Barkow/Emily Danielson534(4)7(11)6(17)2(19)5(24)6(30)2(32)3(35)6(41)14(55)5(60)1(61)6(67)10 (77)
6826Melissa Purdy/Tom Purdy706(6)4(10)7(17)7(24)7(31)4(35)23(58)7(65)4(69)4(73)9(82)3(85)9(94)8 (102)
7929Alex Mountjoy/Catherine King9515(15)8(23)12(35)11(46)8(54)8(62)5(67)10(77)16(93)7(100)11(111)2(113)7(120)6 (126)
8560Jeff Condon/Shannon Bonds10110(10)2(12)8(20)5(25)9(34)13(47)3(50)12(62)5(67)8(75)18(93)14(107)16(123)12 (135)
9641Ken Turnbull/Paige Flood1059(9)23(32)5(37)10(47)13(60)9(69)7(76)15(91)12(103)11(114)4(118)8(126)4(130)23 (153)
101016Steve/Heather Washington11416(16)5(21)14(35)9(44)11(55)5(60)23(83)10(93)10(103)10(113)10(123)10(133)10(143)10 (153)
11907Carl Smit/Alexis1298(8)23(31)9(40)19(59)10(69)23(92)23(115)6(121)8(129)13(142)7(149)13(162)10(172)3 (175)
12631Chad Gray/Jorge13514(14)9(23)16(39)12(51)6(57)12(69)9(78)9(87)15(102)15(117)15(132)12(144)11(155)11 (166)
13936Justin Oberauer/Julia Cashin14218(18)13(31)13(44)15(59)18(77)11(88)23(111)8(119)13(132)5(137)10(147)15(162)14(176)7 (183)
149Mike Rutledge/Rebecca Beard15223(23)23(46)15(61)14(75)17(92)20(112)23(135)4(139)11(150)6(156)8(164)7(171)13(184)14 (198)
151157Adam Spiegel/David Wilkes16012(12)14(26)11(37)16(53)15(68)14(82)8(90)14(104)17(121)16(137)12(149)16(165)15(180)13 (193)
16906Cam/Noah Shaw16611(11)11(22)17(39)17(56)14(70)16(86)23(109)16(125)10(135)12(147)16(163)11(174)17(191)15 (206)
17899Carissa Harris/Jenny Barba17923(23)23(46)23(69)23(92)23(115)23(138)23(161)13(174)9(183)10(193)13(206)8(214)2(216)9 (225)
1855Jack/Gordon Porter19117(17)16(33)19(52)18(70)21(91)19(110)23(133)11(144)14(158)18(176)14(190)17(207)12(219)16 (235)
19566Brendan Dwyer-/Kaya Haig1937(7)10(17)10(27)6(33)12(45)10(55)23(78)23(101)23(124)23(147)23(170)23(193)23(216)23 (239)
20944Derick Anderson/David Anthes20320(20)18(38)21(59)20(79)16(95)15(110)6(116)17(133)18(151)17(168)17(185)18(203)23(226)23 (249)
21875Bill Wright/Leah Schoellkoph21613(13)17(30)20(50)21(71)20(91)17(108)23(131)18(149)19(168)19(187)19(206)19(225)18(243)17 (260)
222Anthony Fallu/Neko23719(19)12(31)18(49)13(62)19(81)18(99)23(122)23(145)23(168)23(191)23(214)23(237)23(260)23(283)
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