Santa Barbara Semana Nautica at Treasure Island Sailing CenterJune 28 - 29
Looking for a Ride or Crew
Boats Racing
#1268Veronica Gasca (Jason Artoff)
#1154Jennifer Jones (Ned Jones)
#474Avery Patton (Nick Adamson)
Camping at Paradise Campground (Jun 17 5:35 PM)
#643Adam Rothschild (Sally Madsen)
would like to share campsite at paradise campground, no reservation yet! (Jun 17 6:47 PM)
#1Carisa Harris Adamson
Camping at Paradise Campground (Jun 18 9:57 PM)
#858Mike Rutledge (Rebecca Beard)
#436Sue Bohlen (Tyler Pruett)
(Motel 6???) (Jun 21 10:30 PM)
#641Kim Leung (Ken Turnbull)
#740Lars Leckie (Mike Dinsdale)
#1314Audra Oliver (Eric Knopf)
Camping (Jun 24 10:03 PM)
#1016Steve (Heather)
Camping at paradise (Jun 25 4:46 PM)
#1005Katie (Eric Wilson)
#1317Caileen Uznis (Mike Uznis)
#1324Stephanie (Dr Andew Beeckman)
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