Spring Series 4 at Treasure Island Sailing CenterMay 18

Another great night of sailing! Light and shifty conditions. A valiant effort by Ian and Dave, who notched 2 bullets despite having never sailed together before, sailing with a rig that was 3 settings too tight.

Windspeed 6-10 knots
Temp: 58 F
Sunset: 8:15pm
PosBoatNameTotalRace 1Race 2Race 3Race 4Race 5Race 6
1165Sam and Danielle151(1)3(4)2(6)6(12)2(14)1 (15)
2944Andrea and Michelle172(2)2(4)3(7)3(10)5(15)2 (17)
31666Ian and Dave193(3)4(7)1(8)4(12)1(13)6 (19)
41325Drake and Ciara206(6)1(7)4(11)2(13)4(17)3 (20)
5741Alex and Nico275(5)6(11)5(16)1(17)6(23)4 (27)
61234Chris and Pedro284(4)5(9)6(15)5(20)3(23)5(28)
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