Summer Series 3 at Treasure Island Sailing CenterJune 23
Beautiful conditions for sailing. We had very consistent breeze for the first half of the night. Then, conditions got trickier with some light breeze mixed with strong puffs.

Thanks to Sam for taking on social chair duties last-minute and bringing some delicious steak tacos!

A truly impressive showing by Ian and Lauren in the first four races, which sadly could not quite be sustained through the end of the night.

This was Ian McClelland's last night as PRO for our summer series -- we will see you in August and at Nationals!
PosBoatNameTotalRace 1Race 2Race 3Race 4Race 5Race 6Race 7
11629Steve & Claire132(2)1(3)4(7)2(9)2(11)1(12)1 (13)
21651Sam & Steph163(3)3(6)1(7)4(11)1(12)2(14)2 (16)
31666Ian & Lauren171(1)2(3)2(5)1(6)4(10)4(14)3 (17)
4741Alex & Linda304(4)4(8)3(11)3(14)3(17)5(22)8 (30)
51091Dave & Brian425(5)6(11)6(17)5(22)5(27)9(36)6 (42)
61275Andrea & Rosann438(8)8(16)5(21)8(29)7(36)3(39)4 (43)
7163Cooper & Camden496(6)7(13)7(20)6(26)9(35)7(42)7 (49)
81713Cory & Allegra529(9)5(14)8(22)9(31)8(39)8(47)5 (52)
96Ludwig & Jade537(7)9(16)9(25)7(32)6(38)6(44)9(53)
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