Spring Series 1 at Treasure Island Sailing CenterApril 28
It was wonderful to get out for the first fleet racing night of the season!

Our shakedown day and first day of sailing had both been canceled due to bad weather. Today looked iffy as well -- we had extremely strong winds in the city during the day, and forecasts called for gusts up to 29 in the evening. We were still able to get seven brave boats, despite these predictions.

Luckily, the conditions ended up being excellent. We sailed 3 races in strong breeze. The last two races were in lighter wind, including a final crew race which we squeezed in just before sunset.

It was great to see sailors from the previous season, as well as returning sailors from a few years in the fleet's past, and some new faces!

Huge thank you to Larry for doing an excellent job in his first night as PRO

Congrats to Steve and Claire for winning the night, despite missing race 2 due to an issue with their jib halyard
PosBoatNameTotalRace 1Race 2Race 3Race 4Race 5
11629Steve & Claire121(1)DNS(9)1(10)1(11)1 (12)
21651Sam & Danielle132(2)2(4)2(6)2(8)5 (13)
31666Ian & Lauren163(3)1(4)3(7)3(10)6 (16)
41713Cory & Allegra214(4)3(7)4(11)7(18)3 (21)
51091Dave & Brian236(6)4(10)5(15)6(21)2 (23)
61252Andrea & Enrico285(5)6(11)DNF(19)5(24)4 (28)
71134Chris & Pedro297(7)5(12)6(18)4(22)7(29)
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