Spring Series #4 at Treasure Island Sailing CenterJune 3
Shifty puffs and medium breeze greeted sailors on Thursday. It was up to the shits and good racer judgement to pick which side of the course would pay off each race. Kristen &Cecilia took first with almost all bullets, and Dan & Claire took second over Cameron & Eliza by a close 2 points.
PosBoatNameTotalRace 1Race 2Race 3Race 4Race 5Race 6
1838Kristin & Cecilia141(1)6(7)1(8)1(9)1(10)4 (14)
21203Dan & Claire172(2)1(3)3(6)8(14)2(16)1 (17)
3741Cameron & Eliza193(3)3(6)6(12)2(14)3(17)2 (19)
41651Sam & Danielle275(5)4(9)2(11)7(18)6(24)3 (27)
51666Ian & Lauren337(7)7(14)4(18)5(23)4(27)6 (33)
6598Kat & Andy348(8)8(16)5(21)3(24)5(29)5 (34)
7907Solvig & Laura376(6)2(8)7(15)4(19)DNS(28)DNS (37)
81005Drake & Greg374(4)5(9)8(17)6(23)7(30)7(37)
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