Clipper Cove Regatta at Treasure Island Sailing CenterApril 27
First start: 12:00
Entry Fee: $15
Chairperson: Madhavan Thirumalai

Description: We will try and get 6 to 10 medium fifteen minute races
off. This will get you sharp for the season and the PCC in May. Nothing
like some hard sailing to get rid of your hangover from the TI Ball.

This is the first of the Clipper Cove Regattas. If this one is
successful, then we will hold one towards the end of every month. I got
a great response to my email asking if people are interested in more
sailing. So, I expect a good turn out. Please sign up soon so we get an
accurate estimate.
Looking for a Ride or Crew
Boats Racing
#202Betsy Cleveland (Madhavan Thirumalai)
#944Will Graves
#892Lauren Cefali (Doug Cefali)
#1016steve and heather
#945Jay Palace
#1177Danielle (Joe)
#631Chad Gray
#1005Eric Wilson
#875JB Louvet (Bill Wright)
#906noah shaw (?)
#983- (-)
Argh, can't go (Apr 26 10:35 PM)
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