Summer Series #1 at Treasure Island Sailing CenterJune 6
While the forecast was for gusts to 30+, what greeted the fleet was localized puffs, big shifts, and variable velocity, making consistency tough in the opening night of the Summer Series. By the end of the night, the only part of strategy that seemed universal was that having the space to choose your own course was most important. Congrats to Sam & Steph in 1st, Cameron & Eliza in 2nd, and Kristin & Colleen in 3rd.

Also, we had our first crew race of the year, where skippers and crews switch roles. The top 5 in that race were: Kevin & Levent 1st, Michael & Josh 2nd, Steph & Sam 3rd, Eliza & Cameron 4th, and Lauren & Ian 5th.
PosBoatNameTotalRace 1Race 2Race 3Race 4Race 5
11651Sam & Steph163(3)5(8)4(12)1(13)3 (16)
2741Cameron & Eliza174(4)3(7)2(9)4(13)4 (17)
3740Kristin & Colleen202(2)4(6)5(11)2(13)7 (20)
41203Dan & Laura228(8)1(9)1(10)3(13)9 (22)
51268Mike & Taylor221(1)2(3)3(6)10(16)6 (22)
61275Levent & Kevin29.59(9)8.5(17.5)6(23.5)5(28.5)1 (29.5)
71400Henry & Caitlin336(6)6(12)7(19)6(25)8 (33)
81666Ian & Lauren357(7)7(14)9(23)7(30)5 (35)
91273Josh & Michael365(5)11(16)10(26)8(34)2 (36)
101397Richie & John49.5RAF(12)8.5(20.5)8(28.5)9(37.5)DNS (49.5)
111051Nolan & Diana54DNS(12)10(22)11(33)11(44)10(54)
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