Fall Series #2 at Treasure Island Sailing CenterAugust 8
Fall #2 was another heavy air day, though it seemed like after last week the fleet was more prepared for it. Downwind speed, especially staying on plane, was a big factor. Also, remember that the fourth race of the night was a general recall, so its not included in the scores. The finishes were close, with a 3 point spread between 1st and 3rd. In first was Kristin & Cecilia, second was Mike & Taylor, and third was Sam & Steph
PosBoatNameTotalRace 1Race 2Race 3Race 4
1838Kristin & Cecilia93(3)4(7)1(8)1 (9)
21268Mike & Taylor112(2)2(4)5(9)2 (11)
31651Sam & Steph124(4)1(5)3(8)4 (12)
41203Steve & Claire141(1)3(4)7(11)3 (14)
51400Henry & Caitie215(5)6(11)2(13)8 (21)
6741Cameron & Eliza217(7)5(12)4(16)5 (21)
71275Levent & Kelly298(8)8(16)6(22)7 (29)
8983Alyssa & Stewart3211(11)6(17)9(26)6 (32)
91051Lee & Rachel (+friends)336(6)7(13)8(21)DNS (33)
10307Simon & Declan4010(10)10(20)8(28)DNS (40)
11682Michael & Rosann429(9)9(18)DNS(30)DNS (42)
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