Fall Series #5 at Treasure Island Sailing CenterAugust 29
Fall series #5 had a great turn out, with 13 boats on the line starts were crowded and competitive. The wind was pretty puffy and just on the edge for planing downwind, there were alot of gains to be had by squeezing out a few more seconds of staying on plane. Congrats to our top three: Steve & Amanda in 1st (including a bullet in the crew race), Ian & Lauren winning the three way tie for 2nd, and Kristin & Cecilia next in the tie for 3rd.
PosBoatNameTotalRace 1Race 2Race 3Race 4Race 5
11203Steve & Amanda101(1)1(2)1(3)6(9)1 (10)
21666Ian & Lauren192(2)3(5)8(13)1(14)5 (19)
3740Kristin and Cecilia196(6)5(11)4(15)2(17)2 (19)
41268Mike & Taylor193(3)8(11)2(13)3(16)3 (19)
5741Cameron & Jacqui288(8)4(12)3(15)9(24)4 (28)
61651Sam & Laura315(5)6(11)5(16)5(21)10 (31)
7929Alex & Emily327(7)2(9)7(16)8(24)8 (32)
81051Lee & Rachel339(9)7(16)6(22)4(26)7 (33)
91400Henry & Caitie354(4)9(13)9(22)7(29)6 (35)
100Mays & Kim5512(12)10(22)12(34)12(46)9 (55)
111077Rob & Lisa5610(10)11(21)11(32)10(42)RET (56)
12307Simon & Declan6011(11)DSQ(25)10(35)11(46)DNF (60)
13983Stewart & Chris6213(13)12(25)13(38)13(51)11(62)
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