Fall Series #6 - SUPER THURSDAY at Treasure Island Sailing CenterSeptember 5
Fall Super Thursday saw 10 boats on the line for the last Thursday series race of the season. This night was the deciding factor on a lot of standings, so people were racing hard. The geographic shifts on the course changed through the night, those who stayed in phase on the upwind made out well, and were positioned to take advantage of the correct gate downwind. Congrats to our top 3 of the night: Kristin & Cecilia with a clear first, Steve & Claire with the second, and Sam & Steph coming in third.
PosBoatNameTotalRace 1Race 2Race 3Race 4Race 5
1838Kristin & Cecilia82(2)1(3)1(4)3(7)1 (8)
21203Steve & Claire111(1)4(5)2(7)1(8)3 (11)
31651Sam & Steph143(3)2(5)3(8)2(10)4 (14)
41400Henry & Caitie215(5)3(8)4(12)4(16)5 (21)
5741Cameron & Eliza274(4)5(9)6(15)6(21)6 (27)
61051Lee & Rachel307(7)6(13)8(21)7(28)2 (30)
7929Alex & Jacqui306(6)7(13)5(18)5(23)7 (30)
81275Levent & Rosann408(8)8(16)7(23)8(31)9 (40)
9983Stewart & Matt4510(10)9(19)9(28)9(37)8 (45)
10811Mays & Kim529(9)10(19)RET(30)DNS(41)DNS(52)
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