2021 Thursday Night Series Entry Fee and Fleet Dues

The Thursday Night Series entry fee is $60 for each of the three series, $150 for the whole season, or $20 for a drop in. You can pay for the Thursday Night series via the TISC events website.

Annual fleet dues are $20 - you can pay via Paypal (links below) or cash to Treasurer Claire Pratt.

Fleet 53 Dues

Charter a V15

Date of charter

Years: 2006 (19 paid) 2007 (35 paid) 2013 (25 paid) 2014 (25 paid) 2015 (8 paid) 2016 (10 paid) 2017 (13 paid) 2018 (36 paid) 2019 (23 paid) 2021 (42 paid) 2022 (38 paid)

2006 dues paid

NumberMemberFleetThursday Night
2JB Louvetnoyes
4Sarah Deedsyesyes
202Doug Hagannoyes
474Nick Adamsonyesyes
560Rolf Kaiseryesyes
598Adam Lowryyesyes
641Ken Turnbullyesyes
740Mike Dinsdalenoyes
741Sally Madsenyesyes
858Jim Barkowyesyes
899Carisa Harrisyesyes
907David Byronyesyes
929Alex Mountjoyyesyes
995Phillip Mispagelyesyes
1004Richard Feenyyesyes
1157Adam Spiegelyesyes
1260Daniel Emersonyesyes
1296Dave Wilsonnoyes
1629Matthew Sessionsyesyes
Total Paid1519