Fleet Championships at Inverness Yacht ClubOctober 15 - 16
PosBoatNameTotalRace 1Race 2Race 3Race 4Race 5Race 6Race 7Race 8Race 9Race 10Race 11Race 12Race 13Race 14Race 15Race 16Race 17
11629Matt & Avery/Maddy/Nicholas641(1)1(2)3(5)2(7)2(9)1(10)1(11)13(24)1(25)4(29)8(37)6(43)6(49)3(52)5(57)1(58)6 (64)
2741Sally & Adam663(3)2(5)2(7)7(14)7(21)3(24)6(30)1(31)10(41)2(43)3(46)3(49)9(58)1(59)1(60)2(62)4 (66)
31651Sam & Danielle802(2)4(6)4(10)5(15)3(18)4(22)4(26)3(29)7(36)7(43)4(47)7(54)8(62)7(69)3(72)5(77)3 (80)
41203Dan & Neha/Emily825(5)8(13)5(18)3(21)5(26)7(33)5(38)5(43)2(45)3(48)5(53)2(55)3(58)4(62)8(70)7(77)5 (82)
51157Eric & Iris884(4)6(10)7(17)6(23)4(27)5(32)2(34)4(38)9(47)1(48)6(54)5(59)4(63)8(71)7(78)3(81)7 (88)
61452Al & Ethan10213(13)7(20)6(26)1(27)6(33)2(35)13(48)13(61)4(65)9(74)2(76)4(80)5(85)6(91)4(95)6(101)1 (102)
71275Kevin & Maddy13213(13)13(26)13(39)13(52)13(65)13(78)13(91)13(104)6(110)6(116)1(117)1(118)1(119)5(124)2(126)4(130)2 (132)
81317Cole & Yuri15013(13)3(16)1(17)4(21)1(22)6(28)3(31)2(33)13(46)13(59)13(72)13(85)13(98)13(111)13(124)13(137)13 (150)
91394Robert & Caitlin1626(6)5(11)8(19)8(27)13(40)13(53)13(66)13(79)5(84)10(94)9(103)10(113)10(123)11(134)10(144)9(153)9 (162)
101273Emilio & Maria16913(13)13(26)13(39)13(52)13(65)13(78)13(91)13(104)3(107)8(115)7(122)9(131)2(133)9(142)6(148)8(156)13 (169)
111761Justin & Ben17113(13)13(26)13(39)13(52)13(65)13(78)13(91)13(104)8(112)5(117)10(127)8(135)7(142)2(144)9(153)10(163)8 (171)
121051Lee & Bill20113(13)13(26)13(39)13(52)13(65)13(78)13(91)13(104)11(115)11(126)11(137)11(148)11(159)10(169)11(180)11(191)10(201)
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Author: Eric Anderson (eric.t.anderso...@gmail.com) contact the author
Subject: Do you crew?
Info: (663 views) Posted: Monday 10-3-16 12:20:37 AM
Me: A recent Yale grad (4 year varsity sailor) trying to sail as many dinghy events on the west coast as possible.

You: A smallish crew looking to sail a ton (or just Fleet Champs if you want) and have a blast doing it. Maybe you're a recent college grad looking to keep sailing at a high level, or maybe you've only raced a little but are stoked to learn and improve. V15 experience would be awesome (they're one of the few dinghies I haven't sailed much) but more importantly I just want to work with someone who loves sailing and wants to race hard and have fun.

The Play: Call me (847 863 6937) or email (eric.t.anderson49@gmail.com) and we'll set something up.

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