Tuesday Night Team Racing at Treasure Island Sailing CenterMay 9
Contact Person
Daniel Altreuter
Looking for a Ride or Crew
#1Taylor Burfield
Available to crew! (May 5 11:57 AM)
Looking for a skipper! (May 8 8:32 AM)
 Zak Crawford
Available to crew (May 8 9:11 AM)
Lookin to crew (May 10 9:54 PM)
Boats Racing
#2033Jamie & Róisín
#556Jackaroe (The Hendersons will all be there...)
#1651Sam & Danielle
#1371Ben & Helen
Bringing food & beer (May 8 9:51 AM)
#2014Kristin and Neha
Will race together if we can't get a 6th skipper ! (May 8 8:39 PM)
#2069Tim & Taylor
#475The Once-ler (Sarah)
need crew and hopefully the boat is in working order. havent been down yet this year (May 9 3:47 PM)
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