Tuesday Night Team Race #7 at Treasure Island Sailing CenterMay 30
Looking for a Ride or Crew
#946The Wind and The Thunder (Jorge)
Looking for crew. My regular one is in Hawaii for a couple of weeks. I am 130lbs so heavy is good. I am new to driving the V15 so the ride could get a little wet, but I never lose my temper or my smile, and I can listen. Email me at moraleda@stanfordalumni.org (May 26 2:47 PM)
Boats Racing
#1203Holt & Katie
#1317Harrison and Natasha
I need someone to bring ice. (May 26 10:14 PM)
#474Alan and Madulika
#566Jeff & Heather
Heather is driving up from LA today, so hopefully she will make it. (May 30 9:00 AM)
#1275Kevin & Rebecca
we can bring ice! (May 30 11:43 AM)
#929Alex & ?
Looking for crew, but will be there regardless. (May 30 11:57 AM)
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