Thursday Night Fleet Racing #16 at Treasure Island Sailing CenterJuly 21

The dynamic duo of Nick & Carisa teamed up for only time in recent history (at least that I've seen) to dominate this thursday nights racing by taking advantage of the huge port shifts and compounding their leads with the usual 'eat my wake' boat speed. There ended up being a rather heated battle for the rest of the top 7 places which ended up being seperated by only 7 points. Coming out on the high end was the peppy social chairs of Seadon and Wheeler- who also lead the charge to Monahans for the apre's sail activities.

Making a come back from the land down under and consistently finding their way to the top was Rolf & Laura. Other highlights: It was a 1 not a 2!

Thanks Race Commitee, fixing the horn, getting started at 6:30 from now on!!!
PosBoatNameTotalRace 1Race 2Race 3Race 4Race 5
1#474Nick&Carisa101(1)1(2)1(3)4(7)3 (10)
2#1325Seadon&Wheeler262(2)11(13)6(19)3(22)4 (26)
3#560Rolf&Laura264(4)6(10)5(15)6(21)5 (26)
4#56Feeney&Erin277(7)15(22)2(24)2(26)1 (27)
5#858Jim&Ashley288(8)3(11)8(19)7(26)2 (28)
6#1275Kevin&Betsy319(9)4(13)4(17)5(22)9 (31)
7#163Kara&Geoff333(3)5(8)10(18)9(27)6 (33)
8#929Alex&Catherine455(5)14(19)3(22)10(32)13 (45)
9#2Anthony&JB4511(11)10(21)9(30)8(38)7 (45)
10#55Jack&Gordon5110(10)12(22)7(29)14(43)8 (51)
11#1174???5214(14)7(21)12(33)1(34)18(DNF) (53)
12631Chad&Stacey5912(12)8(20)14(34)13(47)12 (59)
13#8Bob&Paolo6118(DNS)(19)2(21)11(32)12(44)18(DNF) (63)
14#1177Joe&Amy6215(15)9(24)16(40)11(51)11 (62)
15#907David&Alexis6913(13)13(26)15(41)18(59)10 (69)
16#13Madahven&Natasha706(6)16(22)13(35)17(52)18(DNF) (71)
17#3Ernie&Mike8217(17)18(35)18(53)15(68)14 (82)
18#6DavidA&Kevin8416(16)17(33)17(50)16(66)18(DNF) (85)
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