Tomales Bay at Inverness Yacht ClubJune 4 - 5
Without a doubt, one of the windiest times we've ever 'tried' to sail v15s! Rolf did a fantastic job of planning, organizing and running the event.

We got in the bay around 12:30 Saturday and got a off a few quick races on a short course- I think 6 minute laps! It wasn't because of the distance but because we were planning the entire time. Great fun. The wind also kept communication difficult- even on a short line, OCS's were impossible to hear. By the 4th race, the wind was wipping down and causing carnage everywhere. At one time we have 3 boats over and stuck in the mud. That's put an quick end to the day. We all BBQ'd and went hiking instead.

The wind never let up over night and Sunday morning was much the same only up a few more knots. A wind gauge read a constant 25 knots with gusts to 35-40. 3 boats ventured out to 'test' and it was quickly deemed stupid to go out. So alas, our Tamales Bay regatta was cut short with only 4 races- but it was still very much a successful weekend of sailing, adventure, BBQ, beer (yes some High Life) and shared, as always, with good people.

Thanks again Rolf!
PosBoatNameTotalRace 1Race 2Race 3Race 4
1#741Sally Madsen & Adam123(3)3(6)2(8)4 (12)
2#731Avery Patton & Pat139(9)2(11)1(12)1 (13)
3#1016Steve Washington & Rebecca185(5)7(12)4(16)2 (18)
4#929Alex Mountjoy & Catherine192(2)4(6)5(11)8 (19)
5#631Chad Gray & Stacey196(6)1(7)6(13)6 (19)
6#858Jim Barkow & Emily231(1)OCS(12)8(20)3 (23)
7#1275Linda & Kevin246(6)4(10)3(13)OCS (24)
8#936Justin Oberbauer & Paige287(7)5(12)7(19)9 (28)
9#560Sebastian & Shannon358(8)DNF(19)9(28)7 (35)
10#1157Adam Spiegel & Amy3610(10)OCS(21)10(31)5(36)
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