St Francis Fall Dinghy at St. Francis Yacht ClubOctober 29 - 30
A classic fall regatta- warm & sunny (well for fall at least) and light to medium breeze. With a strong eb going straight upwind and a standard double sausage, it was 3 minutes of hiking followed by 10 minutes of a critical downwind. It didn't matter as much who made to the weather mark first cause once we turned into the eb, the whole fleet consolidated.

Nick & Avery humoured us by conceding the first two races before going on a tear and nailing the next four races by dominating the pin end, giving Nick enough of a lead to try out crewing for the half of day 2. The Lowry's held of a late charge from Mallory and myself with consitent racing to take 2nd.

As the mixture of scores tell, it was tight and close racing with the portion of the fleet often finishing within 2 boat lenghts. Almost any sailor out there could have placed well in the regatta, it was just a matter of boat length here and there.

For those of you who missed, it was an excellent regatta with the classic well run races and open buffet & keg from StFYC. Many thanks to all the RC and regatta organizers!

Thanks to the SoCal crew for coming up- you are always welcome and we look forward to seeing you more often!

PosBoatNameTotalRace 1Race 2Race 3Race 4Race 5Race 6Race 7Race 8Race 9Race 10
1#474Nick&Avery/Jack223(3)2(5)1(6)1(7)1(8)1(9)1(10)drop-10(10)2(12)10 (22)
2#598Adam&Mara345(5)drop-8(5)3(8)4(12)3(15)4(19)5(24)2(26)5(31)3 (34)
3#858Jim&Mallory387(7)1(8)2(10)7(17)drop-9(17)8(25)6(31)5(36)1(37)1 (38)
4#1314Andy&Linda394(4)5(9)drop-7(9)6(15)4(19)6(25)3(28)3(31)3(34)5 (39)
5#731Sellers&Sessions&Avery441(1)3(4)5(9)8(17)12(29)drop-DNF(43)4(47)1(48)4(52)6 (58)
6#1203Holt&Genny/Jen498(8)drop-12(8)6(14)3(17)2(19)7(26)2(28)4(32)8(40)9 (49)
7#641Ken&Rebecca556(6)7(13)8(21)drop-10(21)5(26)2(28)9(37)7(44)9(53)2 (55)
8#8Carisa&Mike&Natasha582(2)4(6)4(10)11(21)7(28)5(33)drop-12(33)12(45)6(51)7 (58)
9#1154Jeff&Catherine64drop-139(9)10(19)2(21)6(27)3(30)10(40)9(49)11(60)4 (64)
10#1051Philip&Taylor739(9)6(15)drop-11(15)9(24)10(34)9(43)7(50)8(58)7(65)8 (73)
11#1157Adam&Amy8311(11)10(21)drop-12(21)5(26)8(34)10(44)11(55)6(61)10(71)12 (83)
12#741Sally&Adam9410(10)11(21)9(30)drop-13(30)11(41)11(52)8(60)11(71)12(83)11 (94)
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