Vanguard 15 National Championship at Treasure Island Sailing CenterAugust 27 - 28
Over the weekend of August 27-28th, Treasure Island Sailing Center and Fleet 53 had the pleasure of welcoming 20 boats and 40+ competitors to the 2022 Vanguard 15 National Championships. Clipper Cove featured the best of late-summer Bay Area weather, combining 70+ degree sun with brisk and steady westerly breeze. Sailors, spectators, and volunteers hailed from all corners of the bay to support an exciting and picturesque regatta.

Saturday's conditions allowed for a timely start to a strong and exciting first day. Once on the water, our diligent PRO, Ian McClelland (with the help of his two chase boats) executed four double-lap races in an intense but competitive 15-20kt breeze. A quick, welcome lunch break allowed for another four strong races, finishing with single laps as breeze remained steady into the afternoon.

Sunday began warmer and lighter than Saturday, with a postponement lasting through the lunch hour. Nevertheless, our PRO and race committee team managed to make up for lost time, and ran six back-to-back races once the traditional summer breeze filled in strong from the west. Fourteen races in total were completed over the weekend. No protests were filed.

Results remained close on both days (especially in the trophy range), yet when the final scores were tallied, familiar names appeared at the top of the board. Congratulations to Steve Kleha and Claire Pratt, who won the regatta handily with 23 points and successfully defended their national championship title for the second year in a row. They are also the first back-to-back winners in the history of the Stephen H Clark trophy.

Finishing in second place with 40 points were Ty Ingram and Tiffany Xi, who successfully held off third-place pair Sam Wheeler and Danielle Ryan, who finished with 50 points. Complete results can be found below. (Note: "TO" indicates throwouts.)

After racing on Saturday, the fleet celebrated at the Bay View Boat Club, who generously hosted both dinner and live music. Following awards on Sunday, the Treasure Island Yacht Club welcomed our exhausted but lively bunch for a much-needed dinner. We remain extremely grateful to enjoy the support of such delightful hosts.

A huge thanks to the Treasure Island Sailing Center for their ongoing support, resources, and enthusiasm. Most sailors who participated in this event are either current competitors or alumni of the Tuesday and Thursday Night Racing programs - or in the case of our TISC juniors, hopefully future racers in these programs. TISC's impact on this fleet's ongoing success, and each of these sailors' skill development, cannot be overstated.

Thanks as well to our PRO, Ian McClelland, the volunteer teams on both the water and shore, and Eva Mann whose photos from the event can be found here. Lastly, thank you to all the sailors who came out to contribute to a hugely successful and enjoyable 2022 Vanguard 15 National Championship.

See you on the water next year.
PosBoatNameTotalRace 1Race 2Race 3Race 4Race 5Race 6Race 7Race 8Race 9Race 10Race 11Race 12Race 13Race 14
11629Steve Kleha & Claire Pratt23(TO-7)1(1)1(2)1(3)1(4)2(6)2(8)1(9)(TO-7)(9)3(12)4(16)2(18)4(22)1 (23)
21077Ty Ingram & Tiffany Xi404(4)3(7)(TO-5)(7)4(11)2(13)1(14)(TO-7)(14)3(17)2(19)2(21)5(26)5(31)5(36)4 (40)
31651Sam Wheeler & Danielle Ryan503(3)6(9)4(13)2(15)6(21)(TO-9)(21)6(27)2(29)4(33)4(37)3(40)7(47)(TO-9)(47)3 (50)
4907Andrew Watters & Michelle Weinstein(1-2)/Mila Kane(5-8)/Devon Mann(9-14)6412(12)9(21)(TO-D.N.C.)(21)(TO-D.N.C.)(21)4(25)3(28)3(31)4(35)1(36)8(44)9(53)3(56)3(59)5 (64)
5740Kristin Altreuter & Bianca Dragone726(6)7(13)6(19)5(24)(TO-12)(24)7(31)5(36)6(42)9(51)6(57)(TO-R E T)(57)4(61)1(62)10 (72)
61268Mike Deady & Steph Gleason7711(11)5(16)2(18)8(26)5(31)6(37)(TO-13)(37)7(44)11(55)5(60)8(68)(TO-12)(68)2(70)7 (77)
7165Nick Adamson & Ava Adamson842(2)(TO-O.C.S.)(2)7(9)(TO-D.N.F.)(9)7(16)4(20)8(28)8(36)6(42)1(43)6(49)15(64)14(78)6 (84)
81325Drake Hayes & Ciara Dorsay918(8)2(10)8(18)(TO-D.N.S.)(18)10(28)(TO-14)(28)4(32)10(42)3(45)12(57)7(64)8(72)10(82)9 (91)
9741Alex Mutricy & Jacob Hiew9210(10)8(18)9(27)6(33)8(41)(TO-11)(41)10(51)(TO-11)(51)10(61)7(68)2(70)6(76)8(84)8 (92)
101Sam White & Helen Lord1091(1)4(5)3(8)3(11)3(14)5(19)1(20)5(25)(TO-D.N.C.)(25)(TO-D.N.C.)(25)DNC(46)DNC(67)DNC(88)DNC (109)
111666Ian Markowitz & Lauren Rehbein1305(5)13(18)14(32)7(39)9(48)17(65)(TO-D.N.C.)(65)(TO-D.N.C.)(65)12(77)10(87)13(100)6(106)12(118)12 (130)
121867Jean Rutledge & Lindsay Grove1329(9)12(21)13(34)14(48)13(61)10(71)11(82)(TO-16)(82)8(90)11(101)11(112)9(121)11(132)(TO-15) (132)
131829Andrea Ciccardi & Michelle LaRose13716(16)11(27)10(37)10(47)11(58)8(66)12(78)12(90)(TO-16)(90)(TO-19)(90)14(104)13(117)7(124)13 (137)
141091Dave Jackson & Brian Rosensteel13713(13)10(23)11(34)11(45)(TO-R E T)(45)12(57)9(66)9(75)14(89)14(103)10(113)10(123)(TO-18)(123)14 (137)
1517Matthew Sessions & Avery Whitmarsh150(TO-D.N.C.)(TO-D.N.C.)DNC(21)DNC(42)DNC(63)DNC(84)DNC(105)DNC(126)5(131)9(140)1(141)1(142)6(148)2 (150)
161713Cory Dominguez & Allegra Palmer16315(15)(TO-D.N.S.)(15)12(27)12(39)16(55)15(70)15(85)13(98)13(111)16(127)12(139)(TO-18)(139)13(152)11 (163)
17492Niko Mann & Felix Ho(1-4;9-14)/Xander Mann(5-8)16914(14)15(29)16(45)9(54)14(68)13(81)(TO-17)(81)(TO-17)(81)15(96)13(109)16(125)11(136)16(152)17 (169)
181134Chris Melhuish & Pedro van Rooij183(TO-17)14(14)15(29)13(42)15(57)16(73)16(89)15(104)(TO-18)(104)17(121)15(136)16(152)15(167)16 (183)
191051Olivia MacDonald & Megan Grosspietsch21418(18)(TO-D.N.F.)(18)(TO-D.N.C.)(18)DNC(39)DNF(60)DNC(81)14(95)14(109)19(128)15(143)18(161)14(175)DNF(196)18 (214)
201397Mila Kane & Xander Mann22519(19)17(36)(TO-D.N.S.)(36)(TO-D.N.C.)(36)DNC(57)DNC(78)DNC(99)DNC(120)17(137)18(155)17(172)17(189)17(206)19(225)
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