Spring Series #4 at Treasure Island Sailing CenterMay 10

The wind was light with tricky shifts tonight. Following the breeze, even if it meant sailing across the course, paid off.
PosBoatNameTotalRace 1Race 2Race 3Race 4Race 5Race 6
11651Sam and Taylor81(1)1(2)1(3)1(4)2(6)2 (8)
21203Dan and Claire142(2)4(6)2(8)2(10)3(13)1 (14)
31397Ian and Lauren23DNF(9)3(12)3(15)4(19)1(20)3 (23)
4907Cameron and Eliza253(3)2(5)8(13)3(16)4(20)5 (25)
51051Lee and Rachel335(5)5(10)7(17)6(23)6(29)4 (33)
6NavyDoug and Kyle356(6)7(13)6(19)5(24)5(29)6 (35)
71394Robert and Caitlin374(4)6(10)4(14)8(22)8(30)7 (37)
81252Hawkeye and Caitlin427(7)8(15)5(20)7(27)7(34)8(42)
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