Vanguard 15 National Championships at Treasure Island Sailing CenterAugust 25 - 26
Registration is available through TISC here: REGISTER. The regular registration deadline is August 1, and entry fees increase after that date.

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Boats Racing
#1865Sofia Kirkman / Olivia Godfrey
#1651Sam & Steph
#740Kristin and Jessie
#1867Team Grove (Lindsay Grove/Jean Rutledge)
#1203Dan and Helen
#1268Mike and Taylor
#1713Cory & Christina
#1394Boaty McBoatFace (Robert & Caitlin)
#1666Ian and Lauren
#1051Rachel and Lee
#1371Ben & Hayley
#475The Once-ler (Sarah & ???)
#2013Amelia & Drew
#1900Gimme Shelter (Jim Milliman)
#1629Matthew Sessions & Avery Whitmarsh
#1452Al & Ethan Sargent
#9999New Speedway Boogie (Chloe Holder)
#1134Jack Murphy and Chris Tang
#741Cameron and Maggie
#1795Ania and Twigs
#1861It's Fine (Mike Scott / Ellie Glenn)
#8888B.O.B. (Lindsey & Kaitlyn Baab)
#0Jack Barton & Ellen Gable
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Author: stephany thompson ( contact the author
Subject: Charter Wanted for V15 Nationals
Info: (57 views) Posted: Monday 6-4-18 09:08:51 AM
My name is Stephany Thompson, are you still looking for a V15 to charter?

:: Hello!
:: My crew and I are looking for a boat to charter for V15
:: Nationals. Ideally the arrangement would allow us to
:: practice several times before the event. We would also
:: love to discuss the possibility of buying new sails for
:: the boat which we would then leave with the owner after
:: the event.
:: Thank you!
:: Mike and Ellie

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