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Author: Bill Prestridge ( contact the author
Subject: Vanguard 15 2006
Info: (854 views) Posted: Tuesday 1-5-16 11:23:58 AM
SOLD How can I delete my posting????

:: I have a 2006 Vanguard 15 that is virtually a new boat.
:: I bought it 6 months ago from the original owner who
:: said he used it 5 or 6 times, but that it was too much
:: boat for his girl friend and him. He stored it with a
:: storm deck cover with a tarp over that in a building
:: next to his cabinet shop. He said that he paid over
:: $9000 for the boat and trailer. It also came with a
:: Storm tent cover that has never been out of the bag. I
:: used the boat once and found a small crack in the
:: centerboard slot at the bottom of the boat. My thought
:: is that the original owner hit a sand bar or something.
:: I fixed the small crack. The boat comes with two covers
:: (one deck and the other a tent). I can add a really nice
:: Seitech dolly. It also comes with an EZ Loader trailer
:: that is virtually new also. The reason I am selling the
:: boat is that I work with the Sea Scouts (100 kids
:: strong) in Dana Point. We have (2) 420’s, (3) Capris,
:: (2) J 24’s, (12) Lasers and (8) sabots plus 4 large
:: sailboats and I am finding it easier to use the scout
:: boats than mine. I have always wanted a Vanguard 15, but
:: I am just not using it. My wife and I are also buying a
:: small travel trailer and I need the storage space. As
:: you can see in the pictures, this is virtually a new
:: boat; sails, mast, standing rigging, running rigging,
:: centerboard, rudder/tiller, etc. are in new condition.
:: The gel coat is shiny and it looks like it just came out
:: of the factory.

:: I am asking $4500 which is half the price of a new boat
:: and trailer. If you want to lower the price, the scouts
:: could use the tent cover and the seitech dolly.

:: I am going to the Bay area around January 2 to take my
:: daughter who lives in the city home and can deliver the
:: boat to the bay area for free.

:: If you are interested in the boat please call me at 949
:: 498 8585 or email me at


:: Thanks for looking…

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