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Author: Al Sargent ( contact the author
Subject: V15 #1051 for sale $2000 obo
Info: (14964 views) Posted: Thursday 6-6-13 10:13:05 AM
If your boat's still for sale:

To ensure that everyone sees your note, please feel free to cross post to our mailing list ( and facebook group ( ... I know I don't check this page very often, and I suspect others are similar.

:: Vanguard 15 #1051--- It's in decent shape, although has
:: some scrapes on the starboard rail, starboard spreader
:: needs to be replaced, some cracks in the gel coat on
:: sides, and the starboard grab rail needs to be repaired.
:: Space # 27 at Treasure Island White deck with grey trim.

:: includes: Mast with new set with staymasters, all lines
:: and running rigging. Boom & Vang with all lines blocks
:: etc. Blades, tiller, tiller extension and blade bag, all
:: in good condition. Sail bag, a set of "good" sails and
:: all other parts and pieces expected on a standard V-15
:: O.D. boat. Seitech Dolly. (No V15 tent cover)
:: Please make an offer, I'm motivated to sell and will
:: consider all offers
:: Call or text: 415 314-8821 and leave a phone number.

:: sfsailor67-jon att yahoo dot com
:: Jon Titchener

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