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Author: Jorge Moraleda ( contact the author
Subject: V15 #946 for sale $2500
Info: (13531 views) Posted: Saturday 8-4-12 09:22:15 PM
Vanguard 15 #946--- It's in Space # 20 at Treasure Island. White deck with grey trim. Mast up and top cover.


- Stiff, dry hull
- Ready to race standing and running rigging including all parts expected on a V-15
- Racing Sta-Master shrouds for quick and safe stay tension adjustment
- 2 main sails (one used 8 times, the other good for practice)
- 3 jib sails (one used 8 times, a second for when it blows hard, a third one for practice)
- 2 sets of split bridle main sheets (one brand new, still in Svendsens' unopened packaging; the other, working just fine)
- 2 sets of jib sheets (one tapered, used 8 times; the other good for practice)
- New spectra vang sheet (used 8 times)
- Tiller with carbon fiber tiller extension
- Mast cleat cover
- Blade bag 
- Top cover
- Bottom cover
- Seitech Dolly in good condition
- Strap to secure boat to dolly (very useful if you store your boat with the mast up and a storm comes before you can take the mast down)

The only flaw it has is the lower fitting of the goose neck needs to be straightened using some big tool. A thirty second job with the right tool as you will see. It actually sails just fine as it is, but it doesn't look seamanlike.

Please make an offer. Call or text: (650) 283 9282 and leave a phone number.

Jorge Moraleda

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