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Author: Lee ( contact the author
Subject: Soloing a Vanguard 15
Info: (710 views) Posted: Tuesday 10-25-16 01:16:27 PM
Looking for my first sailboat.

I learned to sail on Sunfish and then Lightnings and Rhodes 19s. I've spent some time on Hobie Cats, consider myself a good intermediate sailor.

I live near a good size pond on Cape Cod, where car toppable sailboats are permitted. There is also informal trailer access, but I think this is frowned on. (Hand trailer is fine)

I had been considering a Flying Scot before we moved to this area, and a Scot would be too big for the pond. We also have access to a much larger lake in western Mass, but would only sail there infrequently. That lake would be perfect for the Scot.

So I've been looking for a boat about the size of the Vanguard and after doing a lot of reading (but no sailing) I've focused my search on this boat.

I'm not comfortable sailing on open water, so whatever I buy will probably only see fresh water.

At least half of my sailing will be solo. I weigh 150 lbs and am pretty athletic. Have had a lot of fun, when I was younger, taking Hobies out by myself in pretty good wind. is the question. I see a lot of comments about sailing the Vanguard solo, and that it would not be as much fun as with two people. Too much sail for one, or a bit less balanced with just the main.

Should I consider another boat ? (Yes, I know this is a Vanguard forum!)

Will I enjoy sailing it solo?

I know some of you are thinking that this will be my "gateway" boat to others, perhaps that Scot... I'm okay with that. :)

I appreciate your thoughts and input!


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